Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Saving Daylight

Souvenier Francais
Carte Postale - or post card in french - are the words fired into this little pendant with the Eiffel Tower attached. The glass is deeply beveled on the front, turned out great. Amazing what can be made from a clear piece of glass. Going to post on Etsy. Difficult to photograph so that the bevels show, as they are quite slanted at 45 degree angle.

Have the 3 new pieces out of the kiln after 2 firings, one tack fuse for the enamel design and one full fuse for the cap on top. Need to shape, bevel and fire polish. Hope to use these three beveled gems myself, instead of posting as loose cabochons on Etsy.

Have some ideas involving chain, crystals and metal findings to try out with them.

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