Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tiny True Love Charm

Got the tiny setting with 'to my true love' encased in it uploaded to Etsy. The charm is reversible, looks a little like a locket on the back. Found a tiny key just the right size to hang from the charm.

Getting some traffic, which is good. The tiny birdhouse especially.

So cute, and very unique.

Also got some good feedback, thanks! Means a lot. The encouragement helps keep things going.
Got three small enameled pieces started, with the tack fuse done. Need to encase in the clear glass and do a full fuse. Getting the hang of creating the design with the enamel. Still takes several tries but the results are worth it.

Also put findings and a chain for the 'carte postale' blue shard piece. Added a french charm and heart toggle. Very neat, have to photograph. Vive Paris!

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