Friday, April 25, 2008

Bead Batik

Fibre Design Ideas

Surface design is something very enjoyable, whether on fabric, in collage or on beads. Inspired by the patterns in fabric made by wax batik and dye, made a polymer clay cane in the spirit of batik fabric and this chunky bead was created using that cane.

This large-hole bead is usually worn strung on waxed linen or leather, or with a knit cord strung through it. Very simple, not fussy.

Not a large bead, with a matte rather than a polished surface. Appreciate the spirit of batik it resembles when worn.

Ideas for designs can come from many places, just by being open to seeing the possibilities.

Speaking of design possibilities, check out the interview for Susan of Stonz beads - her work is very cool and it's a neat insight into her design thought process.

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