Friday, April 18, 2008

Buried Treasures

Living on the Gulf Coast for many years, spent time walking beside the water, at jetties and boardwalks. Erosion and subsidence are always present and fill is brought in to raise the levels to preserve the shore.

During demolition and removal of houses the remnants are treated as fill along the shore, and the sand covers them in time, then the water moves and washes them up later at another place.

Walking beside a retaining wall a spot of color, partly embedded in the sand, drew attention, then another. There were tiny wall tiles, most cracked and broken, many abraded from washing in the sand, at the water's edge. Too dirty and broken to be used, it still facinated, like finding buried treasure at water's edge.

Created this little tile, Deco Tile number 2 of a series to be created in different colors, to recall that old ceramic wall tile found washed up in the sand years ago.

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