Saturday, April 12, 2008

Intentional Creativity

Color Madness
Got some 2-part silicone mold making materials, now nothing is safe from becoming a mold for beads.

Mixed the first batch a little too long, but think there's one good mold coming out. It starts to harden quickly, no wonder the instructions say to chill to get a few more minutes to mold. Got to have the object out and ready, and just go fast.

Big plans to make a bunch of new beads, many thanks to those who have shopped my other beads in the expeditionD Etsy shop.

Here are some in-process photos in the polymer clay studio. See the timer in the photo on the left, a reminder to take things out when it goes off. And the potholder and place to rest the metal tray. Baking on the ceramic tile maintains stable heat under the beads.

Spring must be coming, look at the colors that are coming through.

Still have to patina and age, buff and polish the components and add finishing findings. Probably do that tomorrow in the basement studio, the messy one. Then the photographs. Got about 24 beads going today.

Also need to finish the glass items to ship out for the next magazine article. Lots to do in Studio B finishing off the glass pieces. Just need enough time to get it all in the works.

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