Tuesday, April 15, 2008


One moment while the rummaging for the Scotland journal continues so the pages about Macintosh and the Glasgow School of Art can be scanned - here are some interesting sites.

Broke down and purchased 'SemiPrecious Salvage' book today, haven't even gotten a chance to take a peek. On this site you can see some pages inside the book. And the author, Stephanie Lee, has an Etsy shop and a tutorial on etching metal that comes highly recommended - thanks, Jennifer. ~~Update: Review of book on CraftGossip.com April 14 by Alissa Cyphers - Check it out.

Back to the rummaging. Had a dream about searching for the journal. (**update** the journal is found!)

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Lorelei said...

Oh cool, I have this book. It's really great and I have a feeling you are really going to benefit from it! The designs are to die for! Once you have some time to look it over, let me know. There is a necklace in this book that I would LOVE for you to replicate! (in the future)