Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Boldly Brassy

Brass On Your Ears

The small pink and brass squares turned into earrings. Kind of old looking, kind of new machine age. Attached darkened wire to make the settings, then soldered sterling to create the large earwires.

The earwires are part of the earring so the little brass encased squares don't jiggle around like dangles do. The large handmade loops on the bottom could have a dangle, but the simple shape echoes the darkened wire and metal around the glass. Like it better without anything added.

Want to make some more like this. They have a way of locking closed in the back that's needed. Sometimes earrings with long drop like this have a habit of pushing on a collar or your shoulder and jumping loose from your ear. These fit snugly in the reverse side to prevent accidently losing them.

So here's a photo of how the brass squares turned into earrings.

They are very lightweight, interesting to look at. Like gazing through a glass window into another world.

The brass has interesting textures and colors on it, contrasting with the light pink background.

Curious now to see how the brass would look fused with black glass.

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