Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hard Hearted Hardwood

Dapper Dan

This is the little tool that has been on its way, traipsing across the country to be used to make dome shapes from the etched brass and copper.

Haven't had a lot of time yet to take the dapping block for a test run.

Have a piece of etched brass in Studio B in the basement, just waiting its turn.

Tonight has to be spent taking the photographs for the autumn article and putting the finishing touches on the writing. Since the glass fusing has more than a little experimentation and unexpected results involved, hope the photos come out okay. If not, there are several more days to work on the pictures before they have to go out with the article.

Am thinking that the dapping block looks like a hardwood sculpture.

Also ordered some new hemostats today, the ones in use now are getting scarffy-looking from the torch and flux. And brushes, steel, brass and nylon, for cleaning metal. The flux is corrosive, all the tools used near it have a very antique looking patina on them. So the good quality tools stay away from the flux table.

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