Sunday, May 4, 2008

Twilight Blue

In addition to the etching going on outdoors, in the studio the pearls were swimming in the deep blue.

Darker than robin's egg, lighter than midnight - somewhere around twilight blue.

Many sizes of costume pearls, acrylic bicones and a few faceted round acrylic beads. Will do some more with a lighter shade of blue. These vary slightly in the depth of color, will be great wire wrapped into a strand of costume pearls.

Working on patina for the etched brass, want to keep the honey-yellow shiny brass color but still have the etched designs show up well.

The photo at right shows the work in progress on the sheet brass patina. Might try a greenish or blueish patina on some of the etched pieces, might get something compatible with the blue costume pearls.

This is a large piece of brass (2 1/4" wide x 6" tall) and might be oversized for jewelry but could definitely see it in collage, bookbinding or altered book projects. Has the date 4-10-99 on it, could be April 10 or October 4, depending on how dates are written. Personally prefer to think it is a reference to April in Paris.

The reverse says 'Belle Jardinere Rue du Pont-Neuf Hotel Jun 1901'. Can also see this used as a luggage tag or the lid to a glass box. Have to explore some ideas of combining the etched brass with the etched glass, could be very interesting to put the two together.
Safety in Storage of Metal Etching Supplies - took a large plastic storage tub, the big one-piece ones with snap on lids, and am storing the etching solutions, potions and supplies in it with the lid on tightly. If anything gets knocked over or accidently spills it will be contained inside the plastic tub. Also those tubs have holes through the handles so a lock can be put on them, may not go that far but if the tub goes to the garage or shed later might do that, with a big sign on the lid describing the contents clearly.
Need to fuse and enamel glass, color costume pearls, solder, patina brass, torch earwires and polish polymer in several sessions throughout the day. Not sure how much of all of that can get done. The fusing is a lot of prep and then, once in the kiln, lots of downtime. The patina on the brass is setup time, then waiting; same with the pearl color.

The torching, soldering and polishing are all very hands-on. Amazing how long things take sometimes, twice or three times as long as hoped or expected.

This calls for a caffeine super-boost, maybe espresso or even a double!

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