Sunday, June 1, 2008

Post Pearl Color

Lemons and Blueberries

First day of June, heading up toward the longest day of the year this month. The berry season must be coming.

Sitting in this shallow porcelain bowl, don't these dyed steelgray costume pearls look like blueberries or current berries?

The little light blue fused glass beads were sitting in it, giving off a sparkly pink glow.

The dyed costume pearls are good for stringing on beadwire and for rosary wrapping with wire.

Have a memory of summertime, buying bags of lemon drop candies and lemonade for front porch sipping.

These faux crystal acrylic bicone and costume pearls dyed a warm lemon color remind of lemon drops and glasses of cold lemonade.

There are two sizes of bicone faux crystals, and several sizes of golden lemon yellow dyed pearls in this group, would be beautiful strung with clear glass beads or rosary wrapped with off-white costume pearls. Dyed quite a few of the golden colored beads.


If you would like to win a free 1 oz bag of lemon drop costume pearl faux crystal mix beads, leave a reply on this post. These sunny yellow beads are not available in the Etsy shop, but if you'd like a bag full to brighten your summertime afternoon, let me know on this blog. A winner will be selected next week, in time for the longest summer day of the year.

Happy summertime sunshine lemonade days.


j.p. said...

Hi Llyynn!! I have to say, I admire your work and that you are forging steel! Please put my name in for the lemon drops. I thought that top picture was actually blueberries til I stared reading. Great pictures.Have a great nite!

Summer said...

What a lovely way to show off such pretty things:) I'm off to plant some corn later today when I get home from work... that must be the reason I thought of sweet corn kernels rather than lemon drops, lol.

PolymerClayTutor said...

Lemons and Blueberries, sound like a wonderful pie! You have mentions these pearls and faux crystals are dyed. Did you happen to dye them, or were they already dyed? That would be a great technique to learn if you did! I very much enjoy your posts. Each entry a delight!

LLYYNN said...

Hi, thanks for dropping by the blog. This may turn out to be like the bonbon beads I wrote about on the ArtBeadScene blog, where my subconscious is craving sweets and I make jewelry in response! Yes, sweet corn, I can totally see that now. But I'm thinking pie filling.

And yes, being a fiber artist introduced me to lots of dyeing and surface design and sometimes it shows up in the beads too.

Thanks for the compliments! I have been experimenting with dying bone beads, costume pearls and then threw in some acrylic beads to see what happens next! LLYYNN

Bunny B said...

Ooooo, Llyynn!!! That's so sweet and pretty! I'd love to win some :) Looks good enough to eat. What a great way to start the summer!! Wheeee...

LLYYNN said...

The #1 winner is ... Summer!
The #2 winner is ... Bunny B.
Third place winner is ... J.P.

Summer gets a 1 oz bag of dyed costume pearls (remember, these aren't the ones from the ocean!) and Bunny and J.P. get 1/2 oz bag.

Thanks so much for playing! Click on the picture of the Ringleader of LLYYNN and send me your contact info so they can be on their way to you.

j.p. said...

Thanks Llyynn!!