Friday, June 13, 2008

Seeking Finding

Dropped by the craft supply store (the ultimate get-in-trouble shopping) and found that two things on the list were on sale, perfect timing. The Premo polymer clay on sale for $1 each. And circle cutters by Fiskars (love those tools) were on 40% off in the sizes needed. It was a birthday-present-to-me kind of day, great when that happens and especially when it's not planned.

Today is my birthday. Boxes of goodies of the edible kind have arrived. Must have strength to avoid eating too many. Yumm!

If your local store is having the same sale and you need polymer clay, the Premo is usually over $2.00 a package, so it's a deal right now, even if it's not a special occasion.
If you haven't already participated in voting for the finalists in the Bead Star competition jump over there and pick your favorites. It's fun to look at all the entries, there are some gorgeous designs represented for crystals, pearls, glass, plastic and all manner of fun categories.


Lorelei said...

Happy Birthday Lynn!

burntofferings said...

... and happy birthday back to you lynn. have a fantastic friday the 13th day. ~ l & o

LLYYNN said...

Thanks! I always considered Friday the 13th a lucky day for me - I entered the world on that day and each one since has brought me a birthday! Cheers!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

happy birthday, lynn! have fun with your goodies!!

Cindy Forrester said...

Happy Birthday Lynn,

Was good to hear from you!!!! I will be linking to you on my blog too!


Tea Rose said...

Hey, that's my birthday too! I was also born on a Friday. It must be a good day for creative people.

LLYYNN said...

Happy mutual birthday, Tea Rose!

It was a creative people birthday for sure!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes, it was a good one.