Monday, June 16, 2008

Uncle John's Trunk

Lights, Camera, Action

Put together the chain for the focal piece last night, surrounded by bead containers and jars full of keepsake items being saved for a special piece.

Many of the beads on the chain are from my hands, including the crossbar over the focal piece and the two oval-shaped beads under it, and many are items saved for a special use like the brown mother-of-pearl button above the focal bead on the left side of the chain.

The faux tintype was created some time ago, inspired by an article in 'Cloth, Paper, Scissors,' and has been waiting for just the right use. Wanted to make something like a photographer's photo case, but dimensional and not flat. Like an antique clockwork case or traveling steamtrunk, that kind of visual feeling.

Put some of the new fine silver links to use, positioned near the clasp so the neckpiece can be lengthened and shortened with it, and a resin leaf on a lampwork bead, both given to me by a friend some time back.

Wanted some natural items, so there is wood, bone and glass included. Someone brought back bone beads from a trip and triplets of them are on the neckpiece of the chain.

Can feel the influence of the visuals from the 'Golden Compass' movie, has that slightest machine age feeling to the focal unit, with the patinaed copper fleur d'lis pieces attached.

The necklace length is adjustable using the fine silver links, there's a round copper / brass link with an asian coin attached that becomes a dazzler if the chain is shorter.

Overall very pleased with this. It's funny, there was an initial hesitation, a 'where does this begin' kind of feeling, but once the process of putting the bits and pieces together started it flowed, it almost went as though the piece was making the visual choices. Is that anyone else's experience? The piece knows the way it should go?

One thing that needs more work is the photography, having difficulty getting a clear shot of the entire length, some of you shoot such great photos of long necklaces, have any photography hints to share? It always feels that the photography is a bigger challenge than making the pieces! Your thoughts and feedback are welcome, and obviously needed badly. Any hints and tips for photography of long necklace pieces?


Jennifer Stumpf said...

lynn, this is utterly fabulous. i am deeply impressed. i really like this new direction you are taking in your jewelry work...

LLYYNN said...

Thanks, JS! I need to hear that it's not too fussy, so it means a ton that you like it. Your feedback means so much ...