Thursday, July 3, 2008

Silver Beads and Chains

Pre-Class Preview
I have my class today, using PMC (silver metal clay) with Kate Mckinnon.

I worked with metal clay about 3 years ago, it's the original reason for the purchase of the kiln. Had planned to get certified in teaching metal clay, but life took another direction, as it often does. Starting fusing glass in it, and just didn't go back to the metal clay. Want to create some designs using both the silver and the glass fused together, the glass is so pretty and colorful when used with the pure silver.

Thought before the class I'd take some photographs of beads that I made earlier, before the class. After the class I'll put up some photos of the class results.

These enclosed beads were made using an internal support of cork clay, and one of the reasons for taking the class with Kate Mckinnon is to discuss the safety precautions of using organic items as supports during fusing.

The chain links in the middle between the beads were made with a smaller sized fine silver wire. The loops were two sizes, small and large. The smaller loops were fused closed and textured first, before they were joined with the larger links. Much easier in that order, espcially with the larger gauge (smaller diameter) silver wire.

Fusing the finer silver definitely takes a lot more care, did accidently melt a couple of links before I got the hang of it.

I think that the silver metal clay beads and the fused fine silver links look good together, want to do some designs that combine them.

Have previously had these metal clay beads strung and have worn them, that's one of the beautiful things about beads is that they can be put to many looks and re-used. Want to make up a new design, using the fine silver links and possibly a fused glass toggle. Have to get some more of those made up and into the kiln.

Anyway, off to class! Have the jewelry tools, notebook and camera ready to go.


j.p. said...

Sounds like fun! Can't wait to see the results.

LLYYNN said...

It was so much fun and learned a lot! I'll post some photos tomorrow on the class. Lots of talented lampworkers there. No torch fears in that group, for sure!