Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wings Old World Style

The No Rules Beading Non-Plan

I create in many small stages, often depending on how much time is available and which jar is most empty.
If I only have a few minutes for creativity, like before leaving in the morning to start a weekday, there might only be enough time to put some costume pearls into dye and leave until the evening.

I squeak in creative time here and there during the day, through the week. Probably you do the same thing.

The results from the this-and-that here-and-there creativity sessions accumulate in plastic tubs and jars, waiting until more time is available. Glass beads, focal faux-tiques, hand dyed costume pearls, forged steel wire clasps. Made at different times, assembled and waiting.

I wrote a review as a guest blogger on the Art Bead Scene on the June issue of Simply Beads Magazine and was inspired by the Siren's Song design by Heather Powers on the cover. I didn't have her disk beads or the specific things she calls for in her featured design, but I wanted to make a necklace influenced by the style and shape of her original design.

This necklace is inspired by Heather's Siren's Song design but has quite different colors and an autumn feeling instead of the blues and silvers of summer used in her necklace.

The 'Old World Wings' jewelry necklace piece is the result of dipping into my jars of freshwater pearls, faux-tique focals, patinaed chain and charms, glass beads and hand dyed costume pearls.

The colors are picked up from the focal bead, I liked how it turned out and wanted to make something special with it. It's one of my faux ceramic oval beads with gray-blue smoky wings, autumn, jewel-toned colors.

Ceramic and glass beads in warm tones and colors of bronze, apricot and ripe pomegranate fruits. Dark olives and blue-green eggplants, peaches and currents. The harvest time colors. An asian brass coin and a brass skeleton key charm add mystery and storytelling elements to the necklace, with patinaed weathered chain and a golden-toned wire handmade clasp.

I like how it turned out, with a warm antiqued and golden look. The colors remind me of a vintage map of the old world, with hand colored tints, faded and softly aged.

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