Monday, September 1, 2008

A Calm Before the Story

The new mom and dad and baby Evelyn and I are hunkered down, in the pre-dawn hours, waiting to see what the hurricane will do. We were released from the hospital yesterday, before all the transfers from other Louisiana locations.

We expect 100+ mph winds and heavy rain locally. Still have power, and all is calm right now. Even the littlest one is quiet right now.

Thanks for all your good wishes and thoughts, and I'm thinking of those of you who are also in that red zone cone.


Fanciful Expressions said...

Oh, that weather is so frightening.
Stay safe and take good care of that baby.
My son is in Colorado at the moment but is supposed to come home via Texas.
My thoughts and prayers are going out to everyone in harms way.

diane cook said...

Katy is calm right now~no sign of a hurricane even remotely close. But, looks like rain tomorrow ~ perhaps.
Came her via Deryn, and love your art pieces. Just beautiful =)

Keron Lee said...

I DO hope you are safe through the storm - when you are out the other side - I'd love to buy some of your beautiful hearts please hugs from across the ocean, Keron Lee, Melbourne, Australia. (new convert via Deryn's blog)

LLYYNN said...

Thank you for your very kind thoughts and support. Yes, mother nature is powerful and amazing. I do believe this experience will influence my art and expression for a while.

And having a new granddaughter means there will be lots more pink in the works, based on how I feel right now!

I'm thinking of all of you too, and hope this hurricane season passes quickly.

We haven't been able to follow the other hurricane news and have some catching up to do. Please all stay safe.