Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Black Pearl Wisdom

Last weekend I opened the dye container with the costume pearls to see the color they had become.

It's a little surprise every time, that's the glory and fun of doing hand dye, whether it's cloth, yarn or pearls.

I wanted a deep, very deep blue-black color. The depth of color comes primarily from how long the faux pearls stay in the dye, just one day for a slight tint, longer for a deeper color.

These have been in the dye for over a week. After a point, they stop absorbing any more color. Cloth is like that, too. Even if you bleach out parts of it, after so much color is applied it can't absorb any more dye.

I like the way these turned out. I need to get more costume pearls and make more this shade, they are a deep, luminous midnight blue-black. The cinnamon stick is there to show scale, color comparison - and for fun!


Gaea said...

Ohhh! Those are soooo pretty! How fun! Thanks!

LLYYNN said...

I wish they were even a tad deeper color, but this was as dark as they could go, I guess! I snuck a little sample into your package, did you find them?