Monday, November 3, 2008

Hands On Hearts

This little hand charm was made a while back, and I hadn't made a chain to hang it with.

I started poking around in the jars and tins of beads, and pulling out some faceted glass beads in earthy colors.

The long part of the chain needed to be adjustable so I made a forged hook out of antiqued brass wire and attached it to a replica of an asian brass coin with a hole in the center.

Wanting the part that goes around the neck to be long yet lightweight, textured but not take away from the focal pendant in the front, I used several sizes of black glass seed beads to make the majority of the chain's length.

Just as I got to the stage where I was ready to attach the string of seed beads to the brass lengthening chain, I dropped the beading wire and spilled seed beads. Everywhere! It took forever to pick them all up again. I don't know why I'm so clumsy these days. I kept my temper and just got down and picked up all those teensy seed beads and strung them all again. But you can bet I hung onto the stringing wire really tight that time!

The hand charm has the etched image of an asian geisha face on on side, it's reversible with colors on the other side also. You can see more photos at the Etsy shop - I like this piece because of its simple graphic image, it's tribal feeling and the extra length, it hangs very long if you hook it into the longest part of the chain. It's long enough that you can wear several necklaces with it, combining your jewelry looks. And it's long enough to wrap twice, so it's like a choker, with the dangle hanging down on the side of your neck. Two looks in one! Fun ...

It has some glass, some brass, and lots of earthy colors. Feels like the season, changeable and temperate.

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Gaea said...

That is such a beautiful piece! Really sweet!