Sunday, November 30, 2008

Playing it Forward


A quick post, just a sudden passing thought, about studios and work spaces.

Here's a link to a peek into various people's areas of creative play, or their work space. It's called On My Desk, and the blog shows photos of lots of various artists and creative people all around the globe, and where they do their creative efforts.

I love to visit that site from time to time, just to get a look at the interesting ways people set up their tools, equipment and what's important to have around them as they create in their own particular medium.

A few weeks back on Studio Saturday Tari at Claybuttons showed photos of her clay studio at the Art Bead Scene blog, she thinks it's messy but it looks pretty organized to me. I make and clean up twice as much clutter as that in a single effort!

Now if you want to see a colorful makeover of a creative area, check out the posts from Jennifer at Jangles. Her colors pop and show her design sense. I'd never leave a room that looked that good. I'd be afraid to make any messes, either.

What does your creative space look like? Do any of these inspire and excite you?


This morning, here's a photo of what it looks like outside the studio door. It snowed overnight, just a light snow. But so pretty! Just the right weather for setting a mood to decorate the holiday tree later today, with the fireplace going and a mug of hot cocoa.

To set the mood while I'm creating in the studio this morning, I put on some instrumental holiday music and lit the candles in the studio windowsill in front of the stained glass panel.

So cozy and inspiring.

The day will get brighter later and the snow will melt away, but what a pretty image for this morning.


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Cindy Gimbrone said...

Where are my manners? Thanks for the shout out, Lynn :-) I know where my manners go, I get so caught up in your lovely posts, I'm busy commenting on all of them! How was your day in the studio?

LLYYNN said...

Cindy, I wish you were with me in the studio, it was very festive but restful at the same time, with the snow falling outside and the scented candles burning. I didn't mind that it wasn't a bright and sunny day at all, sometimes twilight is nice too. And I did get a bit done, the time just flew by!