Monday, November 10, 2008

Silken Treasury of the Ancestors

A couple of fun things happened on Sunday afternoon, want to share them here.

First, I got a fun email from Vickie about her Treasury in Etsy for "Need Some New Ancestors" and including one of my faux-tiques. It's the copper and resin piece OldTimers. She's found numerous talented folks in her Treasury who use vintage photographs in collage, mixed media and assemblage art pieces.

I rarely see my shops in a Treasury so it's quite a treat. I get very excited that someone has noticed my work and taken the time to add it to an Etsy Treasury.

I occasionally spend time just looking over the unique creations available from all the gifted people who have their work on Etsy and assembled into Treasury groups, like window shopping.

Then I got a nice email from Leslie letting me know about her "Magic of Mauve" Treasury and that she included my hand dyed silk cord yarn.

It's a lovely Treasury - go check it out before it expires on Wednesday.

In the ExpeditionD shop this weekend
I added some of my hand dyed silk yarn, four colors on a card, three yards of each color, to the art bead shop.

I've noticed a lot of folks using beautiful fibers in their jewelry designs, and I have some short lengths that I dyed a while back. I hang onto even short lengths, because the colors are so glorious.

Some of the yarns are wool, and a lot are silk two-ply yarns. I'm going to add some of my hand dyed cotton strips also - I see jewelry designs using dyed ribbons for the necklace cording, and I thought those might be useful for the art bead shop, too.

There's something so natural and cohesive about the blending and unity of colors that come out of hand dyeing yarns, and they seem to naturally blend together. More about the silk and wool yarn hand dye in another post.

And later this week I'll show some photos of the little amulet bag I made for the charm/ bead/ clasp swap. All the participants will get one, full of the goodies from the swap. I made them with hand dyed and painted cotton cloth, created a while back and saved just for a special project like this. They turned out so great, the colors are good and I think the design is just perfect!

It's a good sized little amulet bag, I hope it finds lots of uses as the seasons come full circle in the year. The swap goodies will be going out soon, I can't wait to show them to you!

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HINT Jewelry Design said...

Love the colors of dye you chose for the yarm! Can't wait to see if they are a hit. Congrats on two Treasuries :)