Sunday, November 23, 2008

Strips of Color

Busy winter day in the studio yesterday. Got the new file cabinets down the basement stairs and the new table top on them. It's chilly in the basement. I put some costume pearls into dye to color them a dark midnight blue-black.

Finishing up the packages for the charm / clasp / bead swap yesterday, putting everything in packages and getting ready to send them out. I can't wait for them to arrive, I wish I could snap my fingers and have them at their destinations around the country.

While working on that I cut s
ome hand dyed fabric into strips to be used in jewelry or other decorations. They would be pretty used as part of a holiday ornament decoration.

Also found some of my handmade papers from last summer.

Papermaking is one of those things I have to do outside, it's very messy. The sheets are 8 1/2" x 14", legal sized sheets with a pretty deckle edge. They call it that because the form used to draw the pulp and make the paper on the screen is called a deckle.

I put three sheets of cardstock weight handmade paper in the ExpeditionD shop. I can see making holiday cards, or gift boxes with it. It can be dyed also, but this paper is a heavy weight that was made with recycled paper. The strips of paper still show in the paper, it's fun to see the little letters and bits or strips of the original paper in there.

The deckle edge of the paper is so interesting to look at but sometimes the paper has to be cut to size. It's a heavier weight paper, it would be great for placeholders for the holiday table.

Papermaking is a summertime activity. Too cold to work with all that water and spray in this season, just as it's hard to work with the kiln in mid-summer when it's so hot.

I found a little package of cinnamon sticks. It's a fun reminder of the season, the scent of cinnamon. And one of my favorite colors, that deep coppery reddish hue.


Gaea said...

They are beautiful! Great colors. Can we see how the pearls look too? I just realized that you had to foot the bill to ship out all those packages! Should we send you a couple of buck?

Gaea said...

Add and "s" to that last word...

LLYYNN said...

Gaea, thanks for the color feedback, after I look at these for a while I can't see them clearly any more. Your fresh eye is very helpful. - and I posted a photo of the pearls for you.

As far as the shipping, this whole thing has been a labor of love - some have included a little coin here and there to help with costs, but I didn't ask everyone to do that. If you will do a fabulous post about how thrilled you are with what you get I will be grinning for days!