Thursday, November 13, 2008

Vineyard Fiber Color Fest

Varigated Fiber Hand Dyed Color Ways

I started out working in fiber years ago, spinning and dyeing yarn, and weaving fabric for clothing.

I sold the looms several years back, to students at the Kansas City Art Institute, and donated a lot of my yarn. But the silk and the hand dye I didn't want to part with.

And the dyes. I still have them, all packaged up. The dyepot got too beat up and had to be retired, but the dyes are still around. I still use them sometimes to dye costume pearls to custom colors.

A knitter still, I make sweaters and scarves for family, knitting is something I can do while traveling and on long car trips. I use a lot of the hand dyed yarns for mitred knitting, sometimes called domino knitting. I can use small amounts of special yarns that way.

Lately I've seen wonderful jewelry designs using fiber and silk ribbons, some looks hand dyed. Deryn Mentock has one of my lovebird beads used that way on her blog, as a tassle with lots of beautiful fibers as the dangly parts of the tassle. Isn't it pretty that way?

I was tidying up the closet with the yarn and knitting supplies and found a bag of loose and leftover ends of yarn. Not quite enough to knit with, but too beautiful to just let go.

So I packaged some of them up with my collaged cards, wrapped two or three yards of four colors on each card, and put them in the shop. I thought some of you might like to use them in your jewelry or collage designs.

The colors are really rich and beautiful - because they were dyed together they are all compatible with each other. Three yards of each color seemed enough to do a project or accent a project. Or to liven up a holiday project, decoration or ornament.

I'm having fun with the designs on 12x12 inch paper I've been painting and pasting. I cut a bunch up into 3.5 x 2.5" sizes, the proper size for an ATC (artist's trading card) - then used the remainders and odd sized pieces for the fiber wrap cards.

Would you like to trade with me? If you make ATC cards and want to do a trade, post a reply or email me. I'm having fun with these and would like to share with some of you talented group!


SarahKelley said...

Did I look in the wrong shop or is all of this already gone?

SarahKelley said...

Found it, nevermind:)