Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ming Pale Blue To Golden

To celebrate my blog-i-versary, I sent zephyr connector beads to folks who had replied to one of my earlier posts.

I'm always curious and excited to see how folks use the beads, and here's a perfect example of using them in a way I would not have thought up on my own.

Lorelei uses stranded links in her designs, I've seen some beautiful ones she makes with colored strands of seed beads. So I sort of expected she might do that with the two connectors - five-to-two - with maybe some chain.

Well, look how clever she is! She used the connectors on a chain linked bracelet at the clasp! I suppose if you made it longer you could use them the same way on a necklace, too.



Cindy Gimbrone said...

Ooo-ooo! Me me!!!(Yes, I was an obnoxious Hermione know the answers kind of nerd with her hand raised to answer every question!) I've got some of these lovely connectors sitting on my workbench as I write this! Thank you for sending them, Lynn and I'm working to come up with a design worthy of your beautiful work!

Yes, Lorelei's designs are lovely - modern, clean and your links are enhanced by her design.

Thanks for sharing.

LLYYNN said...

Cindy, I've been following your soldering journey - you are doing a great job! I've gotten to the point now that the soldering is my least favorite thing. But must be done to finish some designs! So these connectors were fun -- and no soldering required! Woo Hoo!