Sunday, January 4, 2009


Sometimes I have some specific project in mind when I head to the studio.

Other times I just try out new ideas, bounce things around and see what happens when I do this-and-this together.

Yesterday was more experimentation than re-creating any prior project.

I don't know why I'm thinking in mosaic terms, but I found myself making these little square tiles.

Now I'm at the phase of figuring out what they are, how to use them and what they are meant to become.

I know it sounds backwards. I should have a step1-step2-step3 process in mind when I go into the studio to spend time.

But sometimes it's just not that way.

I'm there, having fun and being creative. And not really thinking ahead to what the final steps will be, what the outcome of the session looks like.

So I have a bunch of these 3/4" square tiles. Most are in pairs by color, some are in triads.

I'm thinking I might solder a setting for them and turn them into pendants.

Or wrap them in metal with a bunch of connector links and make a bracelet.

I could drill holes for the links, or I can solder them together.

For right now it's fun looking over the various images, colors and how they look in a big lined up group.

If you have any flashes of inspiration on how you see these little tiles turning out, please let me know!


Lorelei said...

HI Lynn! These are so beautiful! I love the look of them in one large group. Any of the things you mentioned would be great projects for these beauties! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Hi Lynn,

Those are soooooooo lovely they're making my wheels turn as I sit here, so here ya go:

1. do the unusual with them - glue one onto a barette and wear it in your hair, or make a hat pin for all the lovely handmade knits/crochet items out there now.

2. Glue magnets on the back of nine or more, you can put them into a work of art on your frig, re-arrange daily for a different "picture."

3. Glue a button back, use on that new hand felted bag you finished last week!

4. Drill holes and wire some into a mobile to hang in your studio and remind you of how awesomely creative you are!!!


SueBeads said...

I love the pendant idea, and drilling holes is a great idea too! I also love the magnet idea - you could do all of them! And make more for us to buy!

perlerouge said...

Ohhhhhhhh Lynn c'est magnifique, superbe travail!!!
je vous embrasse Nati

LLYYNN said...

Merci, Nati!

Cindy, you are a wealth, a fountain of completely wonderful ideas, I will try all of them! I have some magnets on hand, that will be a quick way to use some right away.

Thanks, Lorelei - remember the little quilt block bead I made, I've got a couple more just waiting to be finished.

I made some copper bezels and put them into them in groups of two and three - photos soon!

You guys are great!

EmandaJ said...

Fabu Lynn! Love the little tiles. I was in my studio today just being creative. Isn't it great to just go in without any idea what will happen and leave later with something wonderful?


LLYYNN said...

I have a wooden tray, a small one, and I lined the bottom of it with them, they are fun to look at in a group. Cindy, I love the idea of hair jewelry, I plan to make some barrettes just as you suggested. And I took your magnet set idea to heart!

Keep the ideas coming, you guys are inspiring me...

Gaea said...

These are inspirational! I love them all together like that! The colors and images are so graphic! I like your bracelet ideas!

Jenny said...

I'd buy a print just of the collection of them in a mosaic! I love the colors, patterns, and textures of them in a big group like that!

Magnets = awesome idea!