Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Test Tiles And Crazy Notions

A few days ago I posted a group photo of the 3/4" tiles I made recently, playing with images and colors. I've been thinking a lot about how to put them to use, different ideas about that.

Here's what I've done so far - what do you think?

I made a series of bezels out of copper sheet, one horizontal for a two-tile set, one vertical for two tiles, and one vertical for the trio three-tiles that 'go together'.

I antique patinaed the copper to make it look aged. Antique. Like something in a desk drawer, a souvenir of a trip long ago. Like those divider tabs you see in 1940's file folders, with the blackened creases and worn spots.

The copper has a beat-up, well worn look to it, not a shiny bright copper look.

Like the kind of metal dividers you use on file cabinets, with an eyelet for the holes on the horizontal version.

They could be used as a pendant or attached to purse as a charm, something like that.

The vertical two-stack has a round bezel at the top for a chain or satin rope to go through.

I made one for the triad series that's vertical, stacked on top of each other. With two eyelets in the top corners, to use a wire wrap or jump ring through for hanging.

Some of the little tiles have faces, some have words. Many are about Paris or have french street addresses.

I want to make a bezel for a single tile. Just a copper bezel wrap with one tile inside.

I can't wait to make some necklaces using these, with a simple copper chain and clasp.

And I have an idea buzzing to make a similar design only round, with holes to sew onto things. Like buttons only larger and decorative.

During a knitting session I was trying to figure how to turn them into stitch markers, so I could move them from one needle to the other while I'm working on an afghan. They're smooth and shiny, so fun to look at and handle.

Thanks to all of you who gave me such great suggestions! I will be making up some sets of magnets, too. They will be great on the fridge...


Lorelei said...

oooh la la!
I love the pendant with the copper bail! YOu should have a giveaway for one of these. I'd love to use this in a necklace design. maybe you should just send me one! ha! lol :)

Nice job Lynn! So pretty, and unique!!

SueBeads said...

Can't wait to get mine!

LLYYNN said...

Lorelei, I'll do a giveaway when I unveil the ones I made last night, I just need to buff them. Not to spoil the surprise, but they have a theme!

Sue, yours is on its way today! Thanks for taking the plunge with this new design.

To be honest, I made myself a bail and I've been 'test wearing' it this week. It's a must, don't you know, to make sure that it works correctly? Don't you 'test wear' designs sometimes? LOL

Cindy Gimbrone said...

Squeeee!!! Love the copper bezel!