Friday, January 16, 2009

Tubes of Eye Lights


It sets your mood sometimes, affects your outlook.

Like painting a bedroom a soft sage green, to make it seem restful.

Or restaurants that paint their walls red, as it is supposed to enhance appetite.

Recently I've been playing with five tubes of saturated pure colors. The three primary, red-yellow-blue. Plus a green and a violet, to keep from mixing those up over and over in each color play session.

I issued myself a challenge to really get to know these colors, how they work as tints, blends, tone and shades. But keeping it simple, with just these five.

Plus sometimes white, to lighten things up. But not very often.

I have a white sheet of thick glass that I use as my palette. It lets the pure colors show up clearly. And a natural light bulb, so I'm seeing the true colors. Daylight is the best, of course, but it's pretty gray here these days.

When it gets messy and the colors are muddy, I can just rinse it off and start again.

When you mix all three primary colors, you get a Mississippi Mud brown color. Or a Red River reddish brown. Sometimes I want that.

And if you get really heavy-handed with it, you can actually make a deep, dark rich black color.

You can make a blue-black, or a green-black. Both are lovely and distinctive. Not like store-bought black.

Get yourself a bunch of watercolor paper and cut into 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" rectangles, mix up some color and go to town.

Later you can use them for ATC cards. If you can stand to part with them, that is ...
But you can always make more!


Tomorrow the winner of the magnets will be announced ...

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SummersStudio said...

I love pure raw colours and the infinite potential of that limited pallete. Lynn, I really love your colour pallete! Cheers, LeAnn