Saturday, February 14, 2009

Dreamer's World at ABS Studio Saturday

Happy V-Day!

Today it's my turn to post a Studio Saturday at the Art Bead Scene blog, where each week one of the contributors posts about what's going on in their studio. If you leave a reply to the question on the Studio Saturday post at ABS, you enter a drawing to win something. This week the giveaway is one of my heart tiles - how appropriate for Valentine's Day!

I'm making word beads. I mentioned before that I've been inspired and challenged with using words in my work. Words have power and meaning, to communicate and to create. By saying something, we issue a new thought of idea into being, both for ourselves and for those who share in the communicating.

I couldn't actually go on the ABS Bead Cruise, some of you may be lucky enough to go, but I did sign up to be a sponsor. I'm making some beads to send as prizes. This little tubular bead isn't quite finished yet, but it has words wrapped around it. Do you see the words 'harbor' - 'dream' - 'stop' and 'sails' - I wanted to have some inspiring nautical words in honor of the cruise.

Enjoy your special day, I'm off to bake some strawberry muffins and make some hot tea for sipping.


SummersStudio said...

I like it. I admire what you are doing with the incorporation of words into your work. I struggle with using words in my own work. I think it's because I'm more of a visual thinker.

stregata said...

This may sound way out there, but I believe words are magic. Words create reality, because people will perceive reality according to the way it is described.

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

You're right that words are powerful. Sometimes I start with the words and other times I let the image tell me what it's expressing. I have a shabby book I've been cutting out phrases for the glass soldered pendants - often I'll find a phrase and let the image find me. An example is one I clipped that's sitting on my desk - "a blue handkerchief" - one of these days the image will appear to go with it.

And it's true, we describe reality with words, and the description alters how we receive the world.