Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Gallery Of Heart

I'm really enjoying making these colorful little heart charms, and they are flying out into the world.

Creative, ingenious people are taking them to new heights, using them to do many wonderful and inspired things.

I want to show some of the finished jewelry that's coming out of my collaborations with other jewelry designers, all of them are so lovely and interesting.

Joy sent me these two photos and gave me permission to use them on the blog to show you what she's created.
The one on the right is one of the Peach FolkArt hearts. I love the way she picked up the colors in the heart with the stones, it's a lovely necklace.
 The one on the left is also a FolkArt heart, the Lavender one. Her design and color choices complement the heart just perfectly.
 Wouldn't you just love to wear either one of them? I know I would!

 Sue sent me this photo of a bracelet she made with one of the heart beads and chain.
 It's a nice mixture of textures and the colors go together very well.
 I'll bet it jangles and jingles when you wear it.
I love charm bracelets, what a neat mixture of reds and blacks. Two colors that I wear a lot!

These two designs are by Lorelei Eurto. A pair for your ears, a wrap for your wrist, hearted all around. With button dangles and her classic handmade clasp.
 Love all the ribbon trim ties on the bracelet. Isn't it pretty?
Lorelei has such a nice color sense, she combined the different heart colors into one bracelet that looks like it was meant to be together.

And the earrings work great ensemble, the designs on the hearts are different but the pair of them tell a love story - I Love Paris!
 One little rosey-toned heart has the word 'PARIS' and the other one has the love letter written on it.
 I Love Paris ... In the Springtime, of course!


Joy said...

Thanks for the mention! It's awesome to see what other folks have made with your pretty little hearts. :)

LLYYNN said...

Hi, Joy, and thank you for sending me the photos! I'm so busy making hearts that I haven't had time to make jewelry with them myself, hopefully this weekend I'll find some time. So I enjoy so much seeing them go into others' designs!

somethingsublime said...

Wow, Lynn! Your hearts are absolutely stunning! I'm loving your new beads.

LLYYNN said...

Hi, Deryn! I've been following your journaling adventures on your blog and your colors are fantastic - makes me want to make handbound book - I wish I had more time. Thanks for dropping by and for the nice thoughts!