Sunday, March 8, 2009

Classy Bunny Artists

I'm participating in a swap and I finally finished the jewelry piece yesterday morning. It's in a box and the postal person took it away to its new home. I hope it'll make someone smile when they open the box. The closure is a patinaed brass clasp I got from Artist's Market on Etsy.

I wanted to play off the artist's persona and description, so I made a rabbit bead, and colored it a dark blue-green. I also used one of Gaea's ceramic gray-green beads with some filigree bead caps. The extra length of chain makes adjustable with the brass clasp, to lengthen and shorten for just the right fit.

And I used some vintage pattern pictures of bunnies. With words clipped from a shabby book I've been cutting apart, using the various words. I found the sentence "the artists begin work" and it was just perfect, the message found me at the right time.

It's got a large round decoration at the top, and wire tendrils, like vines clinging to the side, with dangles hanging from them. Like leaves on the vines, crystal glass beads and a patinaed brass key.

The back side has an ornate glass design with art nouveau decorated designs underneath, I wanted it to look very antique and special.

With a long filigree dangle on a paddle end brass headpin, a ceramic pearly bead hanging from the bottom soldered design on the bottom of the soldered glass pendant.

I got the soldering station set up again, I had to take it aside so the repairs to the basement walls and ceiling could be finished. I got my table and soldering equipment all arranged and available again, if I get time from finishing some orders I need to ship out tomorrow, I want to make more soldered glass pendants, with other special messages embedded inside.


Summer said...

Absolutely beautiful:) The colors are stunning, especially the blue.

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

The blue did come through well this time, sometimes the blue wants to fade out on me. Thanks! I hope the recipient likes it...