Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rising Moon Round

I'm experimenting with getting a crackled, ancient effect on some of the beads. Some things didn't work, some didn't do what I wanted. One of my test experiment pieces reminded me on one side of dark green copper patina, or malachite stone. I put the zen peaceful face in the curve of the bead, and it reminded me of the red moon you see sometimes when it's rising, coming up through the clouds with a reddish tint until it rises above the horizon.

This is the reverse side, with the crackled and cratered view, like the view of the full shining moon through a telescope. The back of this pendant reminds me of the lunar shape of the full, rising moon.

I added the word 'M-O-O-N' on the front, underneath the face. It looks sort of asian, like a very old artifact from a chinese archeological dig. I combined turquoise beads and jade beads for the necklace pendant.

All the fittings are patinaed brass wire. The clasp is offcenter in the front.

I need to keep testing to get more reliable crackle results, to find the right order and combination. It's fun to try things just to see - how does this work? Will this work?

I'm so slow at putting things together, I have several others to try to finish today, better get back to bending some wire.

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SummersStudio said...

Lynn, it is really fun to see the progress on your work!