Saturday, April 11, 2009

Downtime and Worktime

My morning today is being spent behind the desk at the day job, doing an emergency work need, I am still not in the studio yet.

I have the supplies from Artfest still in the roller bag I took them in, and spent last evening sitting in a comfortable chair on a heating pad with massage on my pained shoulder, knitting and resting. I'm working on panels of an afghan, in a golden grain color of cotton. It's a pick up and work, leave and return project I take up when I have time to sit with it.

I am still fighting to regain my stamina and strength, it's uncanny how long it's taking. I hope to be back in the studio this afternoon, when the day job project finishes and I get back to the house, and pull up the shades in the studio to let the daylight back in and get back into the creative groove.

The photo is the piece I call "Tempus Fugit" - Time Flies, and it's true. But if the body says to slow down, the will and the spirit must take heed and follow. The heart shaped charm also says "TAKE TIME" - and I'm taking my own advice at the moment, taking time to rest and recover.


sharon said...

Stay well Lynn!

dogfaeriex5 said...

hope you are feeling better always takes me some time to decompress from artfest...i do not want to create probably because i am so adore you and was so happy to hug and thank you in person for my beautiful beautiful necklace...i cannot wait to see what beautiful things you will be creating...xox

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Thank you, Sharon. It ended up being a 12-hour day behind the desk, came back and snarfed down a little supper and fell into bed again. Pesky day job, LOL - but I'm happy to have it, especially when I know so many others wish they had one, or are fearful at this time of losing theirs. I'm not really complaining, just feeling weary.

Kim, my dear, it was such a pleasure to meet finally in person and thanks for your insight into the post-Artfest condition, someone should have warned me, LOL - I needed to double up my vitamins before I left! Your work is beautiful, and I know the little angel necklace is in good hands. So good to hear from you, take good care of yourself too.