Friday, April 17, 2009

Whither Art?

If you wonder what happened to the art honor medallion focal bead I made, pop over to the Adventures of Artfest on my other blog to find out how it turned out! I wore this necklace at Artfest, many people asked me about it - what fun ...


sharon said...

Lynn, this is so beautiful! I read about it on your artfest blog and it is such a great piece. You are truly inspirational to me!! I really want to try copper etching but am a little intimidated, chemicals and such. Can you recommend the best book or resource for this? Sharon

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Sharon, Check out my Bookshelf, I just updated it so your timing is perfect - there's a lot of information in Stephanie Lee's SemiPrecious Salvage book, and on patinas you can find a lot in Opie and Linda O'Brien's Metalcraft Workshop book.

Most people use Ferric Chloride, I use Muriatic Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide - there's a link on my sidebar for safety instructions for the Muriatic Acid as it is much stronger and more challenging to work with.

This necklace has no etched copper or brass on it, but I do have other pieces with etched parts and bits, I love the look of it. Good Luck and Be Careful!