Sunday, May 3, 2009

Time Travel in Mind and Hand

I mentioned that I've been listening to the audiobook of Wilkie Collins' book 'The Moonstone' set in England before the turn of the century.

I can picture the long dresses, the rooms lit by candlelight. The horse-drawn coaches, the spidery handwriting. I thought it would probably come out in the images I'm making. I created the tiny collages and went in search of the words, clipped from a shabby old book I'm disassembling before it falls apart, to use to help tell the story of the images.

It's been a while since I made up some soldered glass pendants. When the pipes broke in the ceiling in the winter, and everything had to be moved to dry out the carpet, the soldering station was taken down and all the tables were moved.

I rearranged the studio (yet again) this weekend and gave it a good cleaning. I decided it was time to set up the table for fusing silver and for soldering again.

These glass pendants are the results of the work, with their images and stories. I wanted them to look like antiques, possibly advertising plackets. They have a worn, passed by look to them.

I'm going to put them in the
Etsy shop with the jewelry, even though they aren't finished pieces in wearable stages, because I think the style of them goes better with that shop and the things I have in it.

I was thinking some of them might be fun for Mother's Day, even though it's so close now. There are a couple with the phrase 'She is thinking of her child.' on them.

And there are some in a baby blue color with a little vintage bird with the word 'WAITING' on the back that might be nice for a mom-to-be or even a grandmother in waiting.

This one has the words 'You kept this money safe, didn't you?' over the image of a New York Banker and the reverse side is an image from italian Lire, I guess I have the economic situation on my mind. That one is one of a kind, some of the others I can make again, although they'll always be unique.

I made the hangers for them very loopy and ornate, some have a silver tone, others are blackened or have a copper patina on them. Just whatever the image and words seemed to call for.

This one with the Daisy Hair Lotion label just gave me a chuckle, I liked the flowers, the old-time lettering and the bright red color.

I hope you'll check out my word charm pendants, I had a good time making them, and they're very antique-like. If you like that look, you may really enjoy these.

I hope so ... what do you think?

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sharon said...

Lynn, these are soooo fabulous, I love the way you create, and the way you think!! Just bought the red daisy one! As of late I have been very attracted to red, but I'm addicted to birds and I love the one in that piece!!