Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rejuvenation Inspiration Book Review

In 2007 Stampington published an article in Belle Armoire March/April Issue of the Magazine, and at the end of the article they issued a challenge to send in related jewelry pieces.

The article featured the work of Amy Hanna and her Rejuvenated Jewels. Quite a few pages of her work combining vintage jewelry pieces to create updated jewelry.

That article and the issued BAJ challenge is what started this adventure for me. I put together some pieces for the challenge and submitted a proposed article, and instead of it being in Belle Armoire the monthly magazine, the article appeared in the 2008 Spring Quarterly issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry, the special magazine for jewelry inspiration.

That jump-started this adventure for me, issuing myself the challenge to create Invented Vintage and Faux-tique components - to see that I could replicate the actual antique and vintage pieces I loved but hesitated to use. Starting there I challenged myself to learn how to make chain, replicate scrimshaw and ivory, cast pewter medallions and icons, and create the faux fused beveled glass gemstones, in the spirit of the true antique and vintage pieces Amy Hanna often uses.

When I saw Amy Hanna's book at the bookstore, I had to rush right over and take a look. She discusses how to get started, using cameos and tintypes, and the book is chock full of gorgeous photos of her designs using the true antique pieces she collects.

I sure wish I could have chance for her to work with some of my own handcrafted replicas, I can just imagine the beautiful designs she'd create with them. That's my Make-A-Wish for the week, I guess!

If you like an inspiration and a challenge too, check out her book. If you're like me and admire the beautiful rhinestone and pearl necklaces and bracelets from ages past, you'll love this book.

And you can use her book as a springboard to begin your own challenge to create in that style! I still sometimes refer to ideas in it when dreaming of new components to create from scratch and my imagination.


lilibulle said...

ho!! merci beaucoup for these informations.. and little of your jeweler(a new word???)history!!

Judy said...

I have Amy Hanna's book and it is very nice with lovely pictures. It is so inspiring!

TesoriTrovati said...

So very inspiring...I think that she is featured in the latest issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry? Or is it some other publication? I get so many I am confused! I love your work and it is a joy to work with. As soon as I can I will be back for more! ENjoy the day! Erin