Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Matchbook Birds

I love old artwork, the kind that was used for advertising or promotions of products. These are matchbook cover art, the little birds and the lotus.

They have a feeling to them that you don't see in advertising any more. A roughness and sweetness.

Not too slick or modern, very rustic and linear, a little sketchy sometimes.

One little earring drop has a penguin on it. And it's odd because it's a pink penguin. I'm pretty sure they aren't naturally pink. Sitting on the lemon yellow background it has a tropical feeling, which is also odd for an artic bird. The country of origin is asian, so I wonder if they were using the penguin because it's exotic and far away?

The other earring drop has two chickens, a rooster or hen on it. It's the same lemony colored background. Very quaint.

I've paired them up with a focal bead that could be used for a pendant with just a simple satin cord, with a lotus blossom on it and the word "LOTUS" at the top. The leaves of the lotus are yellow.

Maybe all the matchbooks originally came from the same company once upon a time long ago. I can't read the writing on them, it's in another language. But very vintage and unusual looking. I like how they turned out.

Yesterday, the first day back in the regular routine, I came down with a stomach affliction. I had to grit my teeth and make myself hang in and not go home and crash - there was too much going on. But I made it through the day and slept a lot when I got back to the house.

I'm just grateful that the stomach bug didn't grab me while I was off work. It really irritates me when I have a day off and I end up feeling ill and can't take advantage of the day.

My tummy is still complaining and rumbling, but I feel a bit better today. Thank goodness!


susanc said...

Great images! I'm glad your tummy is feeling better. Have a good day.

LDWatkins said...

I really like those. They look so warm...makes you want to hold them.

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Yes, I'm still on soup and crackers but alive and kicking!

I like the little birds partly because they're teensy. I'm attracted to tiny little things.

Which makes it a surprise that so many of my focals are pretty large. My hubby prefers the small, dainty ones. But sometimes you've got to let go and make something sizeable!