Friday, October 16, 2009

Double Cross

I enjoy the look of spiritual icons, and nautical emblems. They seem to have a secret history they could tell.

The books I'm reading, the movies I happen to watch (when I have two hours of sitting time for a movie, that is) have a definite impact on what I create.

I have several items in polymer clay, ready for me to start adding the color and polishing. But I haven't had time to sit down with them yet.

The fun is in letting the color palatte shape itself, the paints and brushes guiding themselves. Like these crosses, mounted on oval backgrounds.

Until at some point, the eye says - "that's it - stop" and it's time to leave well enough alone.

Folks have asked about that, how to know when a piece is "done" and it's time to stop.

I'm not sure what the answer to that question might be, but I do know that I can tell when I went too far. When I didn't stop in time.

Sometimes I start over, and other times I let the piece go and be what it has become. It might become a background, just providing an element of support or hints of a story, not the first thing the eye sees, but still needed.

With the cast pewter as the main element and character, right up front.

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Sissy Sparrows said...

You have such amazing talent....I look at these pieces and my own thoughts start to take off on how I could incorporate them into my own jewellery designs....these items will be added to my wish list....perhaps I might reward myself at xmas (lol).