Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's That Time of the Week And Thank Goodness!

This is a little how I felt, if not looked, when I finally dragged my tailfeathers home from work. I'd say last night, but it was actually this morning. It was 3:00 am before the work I was preparing for Saturday needs was finished enough for me to leave the office.

I was gritting my teeth, and my eyes were crossed. This little Memento Mori charm doesn't have crossed eyes, I know. Tee Hee. Just me!

And then I couldn't sleep, too wired from all the rushing around and stress. So here I am, up again at 7:00 am. Probably at some point I'll just fall over, LOL.

The phrase "Memento mori" is a reminder of the fleeting nature of life. And this pewter charm had the most Etsy Hearts. It seems right for the month of October, too.

It's time for the announcement of who won what. Kind of fun, huh? I got a lot of good feedback from all of you on what you like in the shop. WHEN I ever get time in the studio again, that will be helpful. I may have to go back in to work again today at some point. Whew!

I gave the Random Number Generator a whirl and it came up with - 6 - Stephanie - TusconBlossom! Stephanie, contact me through email using the link on the sidebar or Convo me through Etsy and I'll send you the good word on collecting your most-Hearted charm.

Thanks for listening to me, for giving me the feedback and for always being there for me. If you see someone leaning against the corner with her eyes shut today, just tiptoe past - it may be ME!

P.S. - I don't know how much anyone really wants to know about all this day-to-day stuff that goes on with me, if you just tuned in for the jewelry please laugh and cry along with me and don't mind the extra non-jewelry stuff . I'm truly tired now, so weary I'm tearful, but still grateful for all of you who stop by here from time to time, give me a pat on the back or an uplifting word. THANKS.

And if I owe you a shipment or an email, please hang on, I will be around when life returns to its right-side up mode!


Stephanie said...

I am the luckiest girl! Thank you Lynn. I can't wait to make myself a piece of jewelry with one of your creations!

Anonymous said...

congrats to the winner!
lynn, hope you can get some rest soon. i feel your pain. i'm so tired too and i still have two soccer games to go this morning. but all i want is more sleep, maybe a little nap later

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

I made myself a nice breakfast and lots of strong coffee this morning. Oddly, I don't feel sleepy. Just kind of ... zombie-like.

You know those cartoons with "X" marks where the eyes go?

Like that.

Amanda said...

Congrats, Stephanie! I'm dying to know what you won. ;) Won't you come back and tell us when it turns up?

Lynn, I hope you get rested up and relaxed!