Saturday, November 14, 2009

Beauty in Other Eyes, Creativity in Other Hands

Remember the little skully beads I made last month, all of them found homes with really special people.

One pair of skully beads went home with someone I really admire, Andrew Thornton. I hope he had fun with the little skullies, as much fun as I had making them.

When I send an order out I include little gifts, something fun that I hope someone will like, as a surprise and a "thank you." Sometimes it's something I'm experimenting with to see how folks like them. Sometimes it's something I think someone will like and enjoy.

Anyway, I sent Andrew one of my resin word charms, drilled on the sides, with the word "SANCTUARY" on it. I just thought it might be something Andrew would find a use for, or give on to someone else.
Today I got the news from Andrew that he created something AMAZING (I need to make a word charm with that word in it and send to Andrew!) and he blogged about it. To see more gorgeous photos pop over to his blog and read all about it.

It's just simply beautiful. I wish it was mine. I wouldn't have thought about using the drilled resin charm that way, but it has a folksy-quaint look.

Andrew is such a talented designer. I'm HONORED to the core that he used a simple component of mine to create such beauty.
Now off I go to finish up an order someone is waiting patiently for, and I'm making some new molds ... I hit the jackpot yesterday with some vintage items and shapes, I can't wait to create some prototypes.

It's going to be a beautiful day of pleasant weather, I think I'll open the sliding patio door and let in the fresh air, while I still can.


mairedodd said...

he did do a beautiful job with that piece - and it is so fitting for the abs challenge... it's funny, i have gotten extras before and sometimes they are just so incredibly perfect for what i am working on! now that was a gift...

TesoriTrovati said...

I agree! Andrew is a delight, his designs are stunning and I love what he did with your piece. I also agree with MJ...the freebies are so very thoughtful and inspire some great creative moments for me. I buy a lot of things, that I usually don't have a clear purpose for, just things I like. But to know that my "freebie" from you might have been perfectly destined for me is very special, Lynn. That is why your designs are set apart, and your customer service is the bomb. Enjoy the day! Erin

Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Lynn, LOVE your bead, and what Andrew did with it. Just fabulous, such a great combination of colors and texture.

Andrew Thornton said...

Thank you so much for the goodie! I think it worked out loverly and I am just delighted with the end result. You're a peach and a delight to order from. I will totally work with the skulls... but they are for something planned later in the year. :-)