Tuesday, November 10, 2009

From Faraway a Life Preserver

Just when I think there's a permanent raincloud over my head, when it seems that the problems of the day to day are never going to ease up, someone does something so kind, and so thoughtful, it lifts me back up.

I don't have the kind of problems that folks at Fort Hood have right now. It's just the day by day, stepping one foot in front of the other problems. The kind that everyone has.

A week or so back I got a package from Esther, she posts comments on this blog and sometimes emails me. The package was so beautifully put together I wanted to share it, and I can tell you I clapped my hands in glee in the post office when I saw it.

She sent me some virgin madonna medallions. Lots of them. I can make earrings with the smaller ones (for myself, I can't bear to part with them) and combined with other charms, I may make a bracelet with some of the others. They are very old and beautiful, not like the brand new italian ones I brought back from Ireland that are all shiny and new. No, these have been around for some time, I can tell.

And sheet music from the opera "Carmen" by Bizet. How luxurious, a clarinette part in lovely sheet music.

The medallions came in a matchbox. Well, I'm currently facinated with matchbook art and have been using it in the resin pieces. This one is made of wood, the old style, and Esther's letter says it's from 1952. She sent all this to me from Provence. I secretly have a daydream about visiting there, how could she know?

When I travel I used to bring home books of matches from hotels and restaurants, so this one is especially wonderful.

And two deep, black penpoints, Esther calls them "plumes" but I know what she means, they are beautiful and from her personal collection. She didn't know this, but I have a whole cigar box full of old calligraphy penpoints I have accumulated over the years.

Now I'm putting together a package for her, to send out in exchange.

Aren't they special? And isn't she?

You guys out there who read and support my blog and the Etsy shops, AND ME - you are the BEST!


Alice said...

Wow, what a great surprise!

TesoriTrovati said...

That Esther is a delight! She is so very sweet and all those things are so very perfect for you, Miss Lynn! We love you! Enjoy the day! Erin

Marie-Aimée said...

a great package and Esther is really lovely

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! Glad she put a smile on your face

Esther said...

hello LYYNN !! what a surprise!!
i'm happy if you are happy.. here you have a link of matches boxes collections from france, this one is really from 1952 serie "costumes de région" http://boite.allumette.free.fr/

i hope you will enjoy all!! Hugs!!

Sissy Sparrows said...

What a fantastic surprise....Esther is a wonderful human being and I for one, am very grateful to have met her through this blogging world....she is very supportive, very talented, and very kind. And Lynn, you deserve to receive beautiful gifts for all of the beautiful pieces that you make for the world to use.

Riki Schumacher said...

Oh you lucky dog!! Way to go Esther. What a thoughtful thing to do. The goodies are wonderful.

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

It was a great surprise, and I go through the little gifts often during the week.

They do make a smile come to my face, the care and the thoughtfulness speaks to my heart.

And you all have NO IDEA how MUCH the words of support and affection mean to me. This week has been a blur, a string of 12-hour workdays at the day job, no lunch break and rushing around. I hardly know my name by the end of the day.

Then I read your comments and replies, and it gives me a boost, so I can take heart and courage and keep on going.

And although I'd make things even if no one but me enjoyed them, it lifts me up to hear that you like them - it makes them SPECIAL like YOU!