Wednesday, November 4, 2009

When You Know You Like It

I usually make components and list them in one of the Etsy shops, so others can use them in their designs. I start with resin, wire, cast pewter and bits of paper and end up with a medallion or emblem. And that's usually where I stop.

But sometimes I get started and end up making a finished piece of jewelry, ready to be worn.

That's what happened to this little pendant.

I encased the little child's face in the ornate bezel. I was thinking of antique Victorian jewelry, with the hand painted portraits.

I put it on the workbench to get it ready to photograph, and I started making up the dangle for it.

And before you can say "what happened here" I had made it up into a necklace.

And I was test-wearing it. Well, it wears beautifully.

I don't have as many people who want or choose the finished jewelry from the shops. But this time, I just couldn't stop. It turned into a necklace almost all by itself.

I wanted to use the long slender coral bead, and the round antique brass bead.

I like it. It reminds me of Napoleon for some reason. Maybe the expression on the child's face.

Just my imagination.

1 comment:

Marie Cramp said...

It's lovely. I love your unique "old" style, vintage is so chic!!
Looking forward to more :)