Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Glassy Blue Pretties

I was messing around in the studio last night, finishing some requested items, and while I was waiting for some metal to cool -- no more touching with hands, no no NO --- my eyes turned toward some fused dichroic glass cabochons I'd made earlier in the year.

I guess with all the sparklies and shiny things at this holiday season, I thought about brilliant beautiful glass.

I had originally intended the pewter setting to become a faux antique wristwatch - and I still plan to make one, with a stretchy band full of dark beads or hand dyed pearls - but it was a great coincidence that the glass just fit into the setting.

It was meant to be!

This is part of the reason why I don't clean up the studio, sometimes setting something down next to something else sparks an idea. At least, that's the reason I give myself.

At 10:00 pm my hubby came down to the basement and asked if I knew what time it was.

At the time I had on a headscarf, safety glasses and a respirator. Oooh, scary looking! I nodded that I knew what time it was and kept working away.

And this is the result. I added some semi-precious stone chips, and then a cast pewter cross that seemed in the same style.

I love the dichroic glass, how it shines and changes color as the light moves on it. It's hard to capture in photographs, it looks like it has a blue flame inside. I must cut and fuse some more glass cabochons this weekend and get them into the kiln, I must!

Anyway, I felt I must "test wear" this piece today. Just to be sure it's really as pretty as I thought.

I had to do it!


Riki Schumacher said...

OOOh, Lynn, the colors and texture are wonderful. Nicely done. I know the test drive will be an attention getter! You'll sell it right off your bod. Take care, hugs, Riki

Anonymous said...

so pretty!

SueBeads said...

It's definitely as pretty as you thought!