Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hero Worship, Medals and Awards

I have a liking for things that look like awards and medals. So when my surprise package arrived, I was thrilled to see some real medals.

Some I would have to carefully cast, they can't be taken apart, I may have to make partials and then re-cast.

But these two are very fun, one is from the Centennial, the dates are right on it. See on the banners, 1819 to 1919, and the word "CENTENNIAL" at the top. I wanted it to look really aged and old, and all of them have a brushed metal back.

This one would be fun with a pin back added to it. Or a couple of large loops for a scarf, to make a scarf clip pin.

So many things to try.

I'm having fun figuring out when to add large loops, when to create attachments. Thinking of how I might use them in a design, I let that guide me.

The other, more pewter-toned one reminds me of a design you might find on a door, or next to a doorbell ringer, on the pretty flats in Paris.

It has a hole at the top and one at the bottom. Or it could be made into a bracelet.

Fun, fun, fun.

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Riki Schumacher said...

Wow, you are so fast! These are going to be great Lynn! You're doing an awesome job! I'm so glad they are working, and you like them!