Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Time, Watchworks and Timepieces

I have things timely on my mind.

You know how I always say I don't like to take apart antiques, and that includes watches. Even when they don't run anymore.

Just something I don't like to do, but I do like the way the insides look. All the metal and gears, springs and wheels. Facinating.

So I decided to compromise, and create my own faux watchworks. So I won't feel guilty about tearing up an old watch.

I created the gears and wheels, the ornate decorative parts, then I put them together. It probably bears no resemblance to a real watch insides. But I'm not a watchmaker, it's just my idea of what it should look like based on photographs.

Then I made a cast of my made-up watch interior, and made it in dark pewter metal.

I like it a lot, and plan to make more. This one is a treasure keeper, with a large loop at the bottom for dangles and special additions. It looks very old, and has recesses of dark and open areas.

Then for some reason I took an old schematic drawing of gears, clock faces, wheels and such and added the word "TIME" in resin and made this focal bead, with its ornate frame around it.

They would look incredible together, maybe on one special piece of jewelry. Or in a collage shadowbox. But for now, they are separate.

I guess I'm concentrating on the passage of time.

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SummersStudio said...

Lynn, I love your made up clock inside. It's got a very steam punk feel and I really like that it is your own, rather than literal, version of clock works. Ah, and the passage of time, seems that's been on my mind lately too. I think it's the holiday season that does it.