Saturday, February 20, 2010

Early, Early or Late, Late

Yes, it's tomorrow already. Very, very early tomorrow.

I got started on something and lost track of time.

I love the look of old tintypes. But I don't like to alter or cut them, it makes me wonder about who those folks were and why their photos aren't still with their family and friends. I guess I'm sentimental.

So I wanted to come up with something similar to a tin type photograh, but a replica.

In a way, I feel I'm inventing ancestors.

The backs, I can't really call them bezels because they're flat not concave, are cast pewter. I added the sepia photos, very similar to the way the original tin type antiques were made, and coated them with resin to protect them. They're shiny and lightweight, with a brushed metal finish on the backs.

They look a little rough and tumble, but I like that about them.

And I don't feel guilty for cutting and drilling anyone, even if they aren't my own ancestors.

These two are of tiny girls dressed in cute hats and dresses.

I want to make some more soon. I have a fun photo of some cowgirls in their hats, I think they should become instant ancestors, too.

And now, I'm headed to bed for a few hours sleep.


Greer said...

I'm sure the ancestors would be delighted to end up as jewellery to be admired and treasured all over again.

jacquio said...

I'd like to put lots of these on a necklace/bracelet.Like a family album!
Love them!

SummersStudio said...

I have that same feeling when I come across tintypes. Why aren't they with somebodies family treasures? I like the instant ancestor idea and you solution to using the images without altering the originals.

Riki Schumacher said...

Oh I like these Lynn, think you're on to something. I just added a tintype to a little box, it was hard to cut it up! Thanks for the pieces you sent me, got my order. You are such a sweetie. Truly appreciate them. LOVE the big copper/solder piece, wow. Knocked my socks off. Great job you talented little thing you. Riki