Monday, March 22, 2010

Quality Nickel Games

Here's another example of the spiral bound books I have been playing with. I have a good time finding the images and putting them together.

This one has a game spinner on the front and guess what? I added a real metal spinner that moves, so you can twirl it around just like when you're playing a board game.

On the back cover I put a picture of a dice. It's very playful and fun.

It has 17 pages mixed of my recycled handmade papers, cold pressed watercolor paper and stiff cardboard with old maps and newspaper print on them.

I like the way it lays flat when you open it. Some of the watercolor pages are half-sized, so you can see the pages on either side. When I was traveling I liked using half-sheets sometimes, so you could see part of the next page while you were drawing. Kind of a pop-up book idea.

I hope you like these little spiral-bound handmade books. I'm putting them in the ExpeditionD Etsy shop, if you want to see more photos.

Or to grab one that's caught your fancy!

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NuminosityBeads said...

Very cool books! You must have one of those binder machines. Any suggestions on a good one?
I'm enjoying your style thoroughly.