Saturday, April 24, 2010

Faux Fun is Real Fun

I thought I'd return to the experience I had at Artfest, now almost four weeks ago, and talk about another wonderful class I took there, showing some pictures of the finished piece. I really love how it turned out!

Richard Salley taught a class on my first day of classes to create an etched copper faux bone letter opener.

Here are some photos I took in class of his pieces, he had them available for inspiration. And the class example he made was really beautiful, too. He has a very distinctive and recognizeable style, and everything he makes has a finished and grounded look to it, which is part of the reason I wanted to take the classes with him.

They look very organic and have a weight and color that marks them as uniquely his own.

He's a great teacher, really knowledgeable and grounded, the pace of the class was just right and covered all the high points, while allowing some freedom to make the piece individual.

This is my letter opener, I wanted to make my blade look more like horn or antler than like a bone blade. And Richard had some examples of what real horn looked like, to help me reach for that look. I was very happy at the fit between the two pieces, they slide together easily and come apart with little pressure, but hold together tightly. Nice!

The design pattern etched into the copper is from one of my very favorite rubber stamps, it has lettering and intricate detail. I was happy that I didn't lose any of the detail. I used texturing hammers to create the rough patterns in the end pieces. The whole thing is darkened with liver of sulphur to make the pattern show up, and give a time worn patina to the piece.

I wanted the letter opener to look like something very ancient, as if it was discovered in a dig at the site of an ancient monastery or castle site.

I have some ideas on using the copper etched pieces to create some more things, without the faux bone.

I bought some ferric chloride etchant, I usually use a stronger etchant but decided I'd get some of the FC Etchant to play with also. When I get some time I will be doing more etching in copper, I love the look and color of the copper combined with the pewter pieces.

Later, I'll take some photos to share here with the piece I created in the other class I took with Richard, so you can see how it turned out.

It's raining here, chilly and windy. I keep an eye on the weather while working in the studio this morning, it's a gray and blustery kind of spring day. The darkened sky seems to enhance the brilliance of the ornamental pear blossoms and red buds blazing in the yard.

I slept in this morning, it is rainy and cool, good sleeping weather.

And I stayed up past midnight last night watching a period piece show on Masterpiece Classics, and I know the look and feel of the jewelry and buttons on the costumes is seeping into my unconscious - Can't wait to see what comes out ...


NuminosityBeads said...

What a fine finished piece. Hard to believe you could finish something like that in a workshop. Looks like you learned some good techniques!


LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Kim, it was a very rewarding class, and everyone did finish their letter openeners. Some were more contemporary looking, the blades were different, but they were all very cool looking!

I did learn a lot, and I'm trying to be sure I hang onto what I learned and incorporate things into my current ideas so I don't lose them.

I promised myself I'd take a lunch break during class each day, and I did!

jacquio said...

totally, completely, utterly awesome!

TesoriTrovati said...

Bravo! I can't wait to see what you do with etching and pewter. I want to be first in line for that!
What a great honor to take a class with a master. I would love that sort of thing. Thanks for sharing your experience, Lynn! Enjoy the day! Erin

SummersStudio said...

Lynn, I love the warmth of your letter opener. It is very ornamental yet very touchable, if you know what I mean. I can definitely see extensions of this into your own unique style. Sleeping in, aaahhhh, I so wish I could do that and am happy you did!

Riki Schumacher said...

Lynn you never cease to amaze me with your talents! Wonderful piece, love it. Richard is such a talented and nice man, love him. Can't wait to see the next pics and project. Hugs, Riki

Cerulean Gypsy said...

Crying, totally crying. I love your piece and am sick that I missed that class. Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing.

stregata said...

Absolutely awesome! This piece is so fantastic, I don't have words for it!!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Wow, folks, you make me feel great! I am very pleased with the results, and have an idaa to create portable shrines with something pewter inside, like a celtic cross embedded inside a case similar to this ... I guess I'll have to quite sleeping in to 8:00 am to get that started! LOL

Thank you again for the kind words, they keep me going and mean the world!

Karen Burns said...

What a fabulous piece you made! It does look like it is ancient. Great job!!!

Anonymous said...

Richard is one of the best teachers out there. You did a fantastic piece!