Monday, May 3, 2010

Baby Girls

I really like old advertising art, they're so colorful and stylized. So I took a couple and put onto a flat bezel, adding resin on top as a covering.

I wanted them to look like a watch fob or something a gentleman might carry, to remember an absent relation.

I've been reading Jane Austen books lately, these remind me of those times and places.

They are fairly small, with light shining through to the pewter backing and back, to give them an inner luminous look.

They remind me of enameled portraits from the 19th century. I think they'd be pretty as a dangle to another piece, or just by themselves with a jump ring and a simple chain - or as part of a charm bracelet of portraits.

I'm also working on some replica tintypes, with the familiar sepia tones and the faces from long ago looking back out at us.

A reminder of times long past, mothers and children, I think.
I'm still having intermittent spammer replies showing up, and I clean them up as quickly as I can. If you see a reply to a comment that has a long series of dots that are a hyperlink, I ask that you not click on it to follow the link, as I don't know where they go. And if those spammers find that leaving them on my blog doesn't generate any hits to whoever is doing the spamming, maybe they'll lose interest.

I apologize for them, and if you've followed one in the past and it wasn't a good place to go, I'm sorry about this!


TesoriTrovati said...

Yea. I get so many spam comments these days. Usually on really old posts. But I have moderation set up so that I have to publish all comments. I don't ask for word verification though (at least I think it is disabled). I like to see who is commenting anyway. I also like it when I can just reply to the email, but when someone has a nonreply@blogger email it is frustrating. Because I would like to carry on the conversation with you! I would like it if everyone had that...
These pieces are lovely. I am looking forward to your tintypes. I love that idea.
Enjoy the day!

Anonymous said...

beautiful pieces, love 'em.
can't wait to see the tintype pieces. i used to collect those, so i have a few.

PolymerClayTutor said...

What beautiful charms! The baby girl images are lovely and I really like how they have a shimmery almost metallic look to them. Really pretty!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Thanks, friends, always good to get feedback.

I'm so tempted to make a mother's day charm bracelet, but I'm holding off.

Yes, you're right, the pewter gives them a sparkly look. Whey remind me of enameled portrait pins from the Victorian times.

Studio Sylvia said...

These pieces have old world charm, Lynn and the shimmering textural effect is very appealing.