Saturday, May 1, 2010


The weather has been so odd this week. In the mornings very cool, around 40 degrees. By afternoon it might get up to 70 degrees.

And windy. Very windy. We had the tornado sirens again last night. The rain and wind was very stormy and spooky. It felt like a tropical island in the middle of the ocean, all wetness in every direction.

I didn't go down into the studio, in case the power went out again.

But today I've been working all day.

I did something to the chuck of my flex shaft. I keep having to adjust it, it is slipping. I think I need a new chuck for it, at the moment I borrowed one from my cordless dremel. I think the chuck is stretched out and not gripping tightly enough, like it should be.

That flex shaft is my favorite tool. I use it for drilling, sanding and polishing. And I do a lot of grinding and shaping with it, too.

So when it's slipping, it's very frustrating. I think I'll go over to the local hardware store tomorrow to see if I can find a package of chucks that will fit it.

One of the things I worked on today is this pendant with the word "GIVE" inside. There's a linen-colored background, and faint newsprint looking designs in the back.

It has two holes at the top and one at the bottom, the resin cabochon is set into one of the cast pewter settings.

I was wondering what words might go with it, with the word "GIVE" - like love, or hope.

Or something silly, like "UP" - give up, get it?


EmandaJ said...

Give "LOVE"

Love the piece, it's gorgeous.

SummersStudio said...

Tee hee, give up. But I like give hope and love and they both suit the pendant style really well. Hope your weather settles. I'm not a big fan of tornado season myself.

Alice said...

Beautiful! I think the word 'unselfishly' is nice, but may not fit in the space.

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Thanks, friends. I like "unselfishly" - that's great. I guess "freely" would work in a similar way, or "openly" ...