Friday, May 7, 2010

Oval Time

I've been extremely busy at the day job this week, and I have to do a project that will keep me until probably 10:00 pm tonight. So I haven't been in the studio as much as I'd like lately.

Last weekend I finally finished a piece I started probably two weeks ago. I created the insert piece, it reminds me of carved ivory, but didn't have a bezel to fit it into.

So I started working on creating a rounded oval bezel. It took a while to get the fit just right and create a master to make the mold, cast the pewter and finish it.

I did an engraved pattern on the back, to reproduce the feeling of the swirls and twirls on the front. I put it in the Etsy shop, if you like it, and I'll be making some more soon.

I like this shape for a pendant, I think it'll be a useful size and shape. It looks very rustic to me, worn and ancient. My favorite looks!

I'm playing with some faux tintypes to put inside. And considering making a cover to act as a locket. Always with the lockets, right?

Hopefully I'll get some studio time tomorrow to work on things. Right now the studio is a huge mess, I've been pulling things out left and right and not ... ummm ... putting them back right away.

So before I get started on new projects, the first one will be to clean up after myself.


Karen Burns said...

Very nice! I really love the triple connector on your etsy sight. Have a great Mom's Day!


LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Thanks, Karen, you mean the rosary crown heart connector - that was a request from someone special who created unique handmade rosaries - so I decided to add them to the lineup!

I think that's a cool thing, to make special rosaries for people.

Magda said...

Your pendants are great, I like them very much:)

Anonymous said...

just lovely, your work beautiful!

Katsui Jewelry said...
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