Friday, June 4, 2010

Focally Speaking

Last weekend I spent time just letting my fingers make whatever they wanted. Not especially planned, just spur of the moment.

Sometimes I have a specific idea in mind. And other times I just let things go, and wait to see with some surprise what comes. This focal bead, with its partial initial and wire work, reminds me of the kinds of advertising plaques you used to see in old general stores.

For some kind of liquor, or maybe patent medicine.

I'm not sure exactly what it is myself, I guess you can help me write its story.

This focal has an oriental feeling to me, with the round bezel and the peaceful moon face inside.

It's hand polished and buffed to a very worn and natural sheen.

And this one has a french feeling with the ornate decorative fleur de lys pattern on it, in a walnut brown warm tone, with fancy wire scrollwork.

Like something on a garden gate in the deep south, in Louisiana.

Seeing what comes out of working for a couple of days is just as surprising to me as anyone!

Hey, I've been putting some special things on SALE in the Etsy shop - they're going kind of quickly so if you've had your eye on something pop over, it might be a great deal!


SummersStudio said...

Funny thing Lynn is I actually was drawn to the first piece because I saw it as the body of an exotic shiny beetle. I am a little bug obsessed now that is summer (in a good way). I like the abstract nature of it.

Marie Cramp said...

I hope your sale went well!! I always look forward to seeing what you have that's new!!

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

That's funny, LeAnn, I wouldn't have thought of that - but now you've triggered a whole other new set of ideas1 THANKS, that's great.

Marie, I've enjoyed seeing the sale items go home with great designers to become something wonderful.