Friday, August 20, 2010

Black Persimmons Treasury

I love these colors. See my little hummingbird peach pendant in the last row? I didn't think of persimmon as the color - but it fits.

The name of
the Treasury is Black Persimmons, in case you want to follow any of the links for a better look at some of the cool items included in it.

These pieces were curated by
KandiceinWonderland on Etsy.


I had to do some equipment replacement this week.
I broke the shaft inside my flex shaft and it stopped working. That's major for me, I use that tool a LOT. I finally wore it out, after a year of heavy use.

On Saturday my daughter and I went on a quest in town to try to find a replacement right away. If I couldn't, I knew I could order it online, but that would cause a delay.

Which would slow down the creativity in the studio, until the fix arrived.

Fortunately, we found the piece at a local hardware store. I took it to the studio and tested it, it seems to be working. That was a big relief.


In the process, we also stopped by the local store for
Harbour Freight. YES! there's one here in town, with all the imagined and unimaginable goodies you find at Harbour Freight tool stores! One I can drive to, and walk around in, and find sales in .... Oh My!

I'm in serious acquisition trouble. But I did get myself a magnifying third hand tool I'd been wanting.
It was on SALE. Less than five dollars! How could I resist?
Well, I couldn't and I didn't.

And on their website they have a
rotary tool with a flex-shaft addition that's on sale. It even has a light mounted in it for detail work. TEMPTING!

My daughter says I made noises walking into Harbour Freight that she makes when she goes to the local bakery.
MMMMmmmmmmm ..... YUMMmmmmmmm ...
She's probably right. I do love tools!


Riki Schumacher said...

Hi Lynn, love Harbor Freight! I make noises going in there too! Ha ha. Love the new look of your blog, lovely my dear. Really like the new pieces you're turning out, and congrats on being in the Etsy pick! You deserve it. Hugs, Riki

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Hi, Riki! The new flex shaft replacement is working well, I accidently sanded my thumb yesterday, LOL! Harbour Freight is dangerous to my skinny pocketbook ... but fun to wander through.

Thanks a zillion for the kind words. Hope your summer is going swimmingly!

Boot ~C said...

reader's digest magazine always has a 20% off coupon in them, near the back!

Alice said...

Oh those colors are beautiful! It puts me in the mood for autumn, but it seems like summer just started!

I've never been to our Harbor Freight because it is in another city, but I could probably do some serious damage to my budget if ever got the chance to go.